Advanced Integrative Medicine a Division of the Franz Center located in Mooresville, NC offers preventative medicine testing and enhanced protocols for treating disease and illness in children and adults.

We are happy to see you and your family to help you meet your health care goals. Our practitioners have worked and trained with Cornelia Franz MD, owner, who has successfully practiced integrative pediatric medicine for the last 25 years and brings this expertise to Advanced Integrative Medicine in NC.  We offer this same passion and dedication for restoring health to you and your family.

Our caring staff evaluates the overall health condition of each patient.

We have over 30+ years combined experience in evaluating and treating problems using nontraditional protocols and consistently get improved health outcomes.

Advanced Integrative Medicine's Services Include:

  • Natural preventative medicine - in-depth testing and analysis of a patient\'s overall health condition
  • Natural therapies - to help treat cardiovascular and immune deficiencies
  • IV therapies - include chelation and Vitamin C.
  • Homeopathy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

At our facility, we provide each of our patients with individualized service and diligently examine the patient to ensure that our natural treatments improve the patient's overall well being.

Contact Advanced Integrative Medicine today at 704-799-9740 to make an appointment.

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